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At AIRlab we collaborate, and collaborated in the past, with many large and small companies in funded projects, such as ST Microelectronics, Indesit, Agip, FIAT, Info Solution, Electrolux, FIAR, VIET, Technopoint, and many others.

We would like to put in evidence the lnks to the web sites of a list of few companies with which we share the spirit of making robots, also with only exchanges of experience and work. They are listed here below:

  • Pupazzia: a company working on puppets, and animatronics, with which we made E-2?
  • Info Solution: a company with which we are developing different projects, including the autonomous Roby Wheelchair (RBWC)
  • Empatica: a company funded by two former PhD students at AIRLab, producing systems to record and analyze emotions
  • Hands Company: a company aimed at producing cost effective personal robots
  • Skywarder: an association among students that were able to launch a rocket integrating competences from different fields and involving a lot of Departments and researchers at Polimi, including people at AIRLab: this is a clear example of what could be done when smart people meet and decide to do something together!

We have been glad to participate to the EXPO21XX initiative, who have assigned us virtual stands in their exhibit area and kindly implemented the corresponding web pages, which are updated on demand.